Church Planting

The Church Planting program will be implemented by the training clergymen & women who cross the 30 years physical age, the training process  shown as


  • Pastoral Training shall be 45 days to the who completed academic secular & theological graduate.
  • Who wants to do pastoral services, they must be working as an office staff up to five years.
  • Among them who certified as the best servant by the office, authority, they will send to training.
  • They will appoint as paid pastor into the D class single congregation or newly establish temples.
  • Every two years they will transfer,  every three transfers they will change the Parish, as a Parish pastor they will serve two terms then they will change the Field and two terms over they will change the cluster.
  • Who completes the 15 years service they will eligible to be a Bishop, their retirement age is 65.


  • The Church will establish the  Bishop Chapels in the  church offices, the project centers headed by the bishop.
  • Diocesan officers will  assist  the bishop for the sacramental services, prayer support etc.
  • Staff members, Diocesan officers, Membership holders will compulsory  attend to the chapel.
  • All the Pastoral proposed candidates must drive the chapel Memberships with proper attendance.

Episcopal Pattern

  • The trained pastors will be ordained by the bishop and appoint to the single congregations to assist the Reverend.
  • The  prescribed Episcopal Pattern church service will perform by three clergy from the Parish level.
  • The clergy pattern shall be Rev., Pastor, deacon/trainee or Rector, Rev. Pastor or Bishop, Rector, Reverend etc.,
  • All the clergymen & women must wear the prescribed dress code in the service including deacon, elders.


  • Trained pastors will appoint to the congregation on salary based, the salary will fix by the Arch Bishop.
  • The pastor will send the Sunday plate offering to the head office  in addition to following  will collect as fund
  1. Bishop relief fund
  2. Church building fund
  3. Social welfare fund
  4. Gospel fund
  5. First Fruit Festival.

The Staff will appoint  under  three kinds 1. Office staff  2. Pastoral staff 3. Gospel staff

The Diocesan Secretary will assign the duties  to the paid staff, the canon will fix the salaries & allowances. Who serve the more than fifteen years in the organization they will have  retirement benefits etc.,

Chapel  Pattern

  1. Sunday Service
  2. Ordination Procedure
  3. Consecration Procedure
  4. Jurisdictional Installation.