Church Structure

  1. Pastoral Structure :

Minister          :           For one Congregation/Temple
Pastor             :           For  upon three Temples/ Ministers
Reverend       :           For  upon five Pastors
Rector             :           For upon five Reverends

  1. Bishop Structure

Area Bishop              :           Upon 10 Rectors
District Bishop          :           Upon 05 Area Bishops
Archbishop              :           For one State of India
Major Archbishop   :           For one Zone of India
Priest Bishop             :           For the Indian Nation as Global Representative

  1. Seminary Structure:

(a).       Convener, Co-ordinator, the Program Officer will conduct a seminary under the guidelines of Area diocesan,
(b).      In the Seminary gospel workers are divided into  1. Literates  2. Illiterates
(c).       Literates will sent to Theological classes to complete bachelor degree, illiterates are continued.
(d).      Illiterates will train up to three months to 12 months to prepare as Pastor / Minister in Theologically.
(e).       Ordain the eligible candidates in a Cannon / Own congregations / Bishop Chapel etc.,
(f).        Train the Pastor to maintain their congregation under the church Government system,

  1. Chapel Structure:

Bishop Chapel, Archbishop Chapel  will open by the jurisdictional bishops and archbishops along with their diocesan district members and staff, all of the church related committee members must attend to the chapel service, the bishop will serve the sacramental  along with the Rector and Rev. Bishop announces the future programs or weekly programs or developments, the same activities will implement by the committee initiated by the diocesan secretary from time to time, the diocesan secretary is the executive officer upon the paid staff either in office or outdoor volunteers, the chapel will under the diocesan district committee.

  1. Cannon Structure

The church general convention shall be called as Cannon, it is jurisdictional cannon preside by the Speaker, The members of the Canon are filled with members of the church in all departments who has voting power, The Cannon will resolve the innovative programs to protect the church traditions, rites, ceremonies, customs etc., State cannon will consider the District jurisdictional canon resolutions and recommend to the National Cannon, the Cannon will elect the church officers and resolve the Administrative decisions as per the Agendah, on recommendation of the Cannon the main subjects to be amend by the Trustees.