Pastoral Ordinations & Consecration of Bishops shall be performed by the President Bishop or Chief Bishop National Presiding Bishop in the Special church service as per the Canonical rites, the procedure must be approved by the Patriarch and the amend by the Trustees which is designed by the Canon.

Jurisdictional Offices

  1. Area Diocesan:

Indian Geographical limited area in the District of every State over the Fields, It will as a cluster, under its control the congregations will work as per the Church Government procedure.

  1. Temples in rural
  2. Parishes of 20 Temples in rural and urban
  3. Field of 25 Parishes in rural and urban,
  4. Local Churches of 50 in cities including Parishes
  5. Circles of 100 local churches

The clusters will design by the Archbishop as per the fields increasing.

Area Diocesan:

  1. Area Bishop – Chairman
  2. Rector – Vice Chairman,
  3. Reverend – Diocesan Secretary
  4. Pastor/Minister – Synod Secretary
  5. Laymen – Finance Officer
  6. One women
  7. One youth
  8. One Delegate of Divisional diocesan
  9. Diocesan District  Secretary.
  1. District Diocesan:

District wide office headed by  one of the Area Bishop in the District who is elected among them,  the District Diocesan Committee members  structure shall be.

  1. Chairman:  Diocesan District Bishop
  2. Vice Chairman : Prelature/ Coadjutor Bishop
  3. Diocesan Secretary: One from Rector’s
  4. Marriage Registrar: One from Reverend’s
  5. Finance Officer: Layman Delegate
  6. One Women
  7. One Youth
  8. Arch Diocesan Secretary
  9. All Area Bishops.

District Cannon: Five Delegates from each Area Diocese

  1. Divisional Diocesan :

An interstate division of five districts to cover the moral support to the Diocesan districts, the Division Diocesan committee members structure is

  1. Chairman – Divisional Bishop
  2. Vice Chairman – Parish Bishop/ Metropolitan Bishop
  3. Diocesan District Secretaries
  4. Divisional Delegates
  5. All District Bishops
  1. Arch Diocesan:

State Office of the Church headed by the Archbishop, he has the executive powers  over the church officers and the bishops, The Arch Diocesan  members structure is

  1. Regional Chairman – Archbishop (elect)
  2. Vice Chairman – Division Bishop (elect)
  3. Arch Diocesan Secretary – Rector
  4. 4. Regional Marriage Registrar – Reverend
  5. Finance Officer -Layman
  6. All  Divisional Bishops
  7. Arch Delegates
  8. National Secretary of Prime Diocesan

Canon : Three Delegates from each District diocese

  1. Zone Diocesan : Inter Zone of the Indian Geographical area, National fellowship will encourage

Zone Diocesan Members structure  :

  1. Major Archbishop – Chairman
  2. Archbishop of the State – Vice Chairman
  3. Zone Diocesan Secretary – Rector
  4. Program Secretary – Reverend
  5. Finance officer – Layman
  6. All District Bishops
  7. National Secretary

Prime Diocese :

Head of the leader in India and represent to the Global promotions, headed by Priest Bishop at present he is National Chairman.

Prime Diocesan :

  1. Chairman – Priest Bishop
  2. Vice Chairman – Zone Bishop
  3. National Secretary – Rector
  4. National Marriage Registrar – Reverend
  5. Finance Officer – Layman
  6. All Zone Bishops
  7. Global Secretary
  8. All Chairmen of Projects
  9. One Woman
  10. One youth, etc.

Canon: Two Delegates from each Arch diocesan