Episcopal Ordination

Episcopal Ordination

Who receive the episcopal Ordination they are eligible to take membership in the Trust & church,

  1. Lay Ordering : Who are interested to work in a church service or evangelical service they will ordering as Gospel workers, Evangelists, church elders, deacon,  women & Youth by the  Reverend of the local church.

Dress Code : White cassock and left crossed  Red color cassock,

  1. Ordination : Who completed the theological studies and training, they will receive the ordination to serve in the congregations, the following kinds of ordinations are implemented by the church as
  2. Pastor Ordination: The candidate will purify, ordain and appoint to the single congregation by the Rector/Bishop assist with the local church representing  Reverend,

Pastor dress code : Clergy shirt/ Medium  blue color  cassock and black girdle belt,

  1. Reverend Ordination : The pastor will upgrade and appoint to the Parish  by the Bishop assist  by the Rector.

Dress Code : Medium Green color cassock, same color surplice, black girdle, Seasonal stole.

  1. Rector Ordination :The Reverend will upgrade and appoint to the Field by the Bishop assist by Area Bishop.

Dress Code : Wheat color cassock, same surplice, black girdle, Red & Green stole,

  1. Consecration of Bishops :
  2. Area Bishop : The Rector will ordain by Chief bishop  and appoint by Arch Bishop assist by Area Bishop

Dress Code : Rector Dress code + Purple girdle, shoulder less Chasuble, Crown.

  1. Diocesan Bishop : The Area Bishop will be ordained by Chief bishop and appoint by  Arch Bishop assist by Divisional Bishop.

Dress code : Staff.

  1. Divisional Bishop: The Diocesan Bishop will ordain by Chief bishop and appoint by Arch Bishop assist by Neighbor State Arch Bishop.

Dress code : Staff.

  1. Archbishop : The Divisional bishop will be ordained by Chief Bishop  and appoint by the  National Chairman, assist by the two Zone Arch Bishops, The Arch bishop should do an Installation ceremony as a Witness of  National Church Secretary to take Jurisdictional Charge Officially.

Dress Code: Purple color Bishop dress code + Staff,

Membership :

The Annual Membership will pay by the ordained clergymen & women to represent the groups

  1. Individual Membership :  01. Trustee | 2. Universal Clergy Association (UCA) | 03. Association of Elders & Deacons | 04.  Association of Women & Youth | 5. Marriage Registrars | 6. House of Bishops | 7. College of Archbishops
  1. Local Church Membership / Affiliation:

Any creed or non creed based congregation can join as a member by paying the Annual Subscription, then that congregation will be the affiliated congregation, BCEC will regulate as per the Church Government System under the external support, but BCEC will not responsible for the Congregational Internal activities.

Fee : Rs. 500/- (Annual), Rs. 500/- (I.D. Card for two years), Rs. 500/- Fair Share (voting right). Annual Year :  For BCEC Church the annual will start from January and ends in December

Authorization :


The Blood of Christ Episcopal Church will authorize the clergymen for the  local church services  by following the Church Government policy in all congregations as

  1. Church Officers Authority: Bishop, Rector, Reverend, Pastor, Elders, Deacon, Women & Youth are the committee members in every congregation to rule the systematic procedure. Any member / believer of the local church shall not go to the court for justice without consultation of the committee. The bishop will be the answerable and he will protect the rights of the members or believers or the local church in the congregation in his jurisdiction as well as the remaining clergymen shall follow the same system.
  2. Diocesan District: Bishop is the chairman of this committee for the area wide jurisdiction, Membership local churches will come under his control. The diocesan secretary will follow the day to day administration and update the bishop around the jurisdiction developments, upon the bcec own congregations. Bishops will be the more powerful to develop the congregations with autonomous style.

Church Councils :

Blood of Christ Episcopal Church shall have the Councils for administration.

  1. Executive Committee : The trustees of the Trust are the Executive committee to manage the whole Trust activities and development with the support of the Government and aborad funding agencies, at present existing trustees is Church Secretary and Synod Secretaries are to be elected by the Cannon.
  2. Cannon : The Cannon members are elected by the Diocesan Districts from their jurisdictions, for the church growth the cannon will implement and develop in autonomous style, all members are must have membership of their related group, the Cannon shall have the supreme to draw the church functions and fellowship with others either nationally and internationally.
  3. House of Bishops: The Cannon will appoint the bishops to the Jurisdictions, they will implement the church Government policy in all membership congregations and they recommend the local issues to solve. The House is the Honorable to anybody and all the clergymen will call the bishop with honor, the bishops will promote the ordinations, seminaries, educations, festivals, establishing churches, crusades etc.,
  4. College of Archbishops: The Arch bishops of the States are in the College, the rule the entire State and they will in charge of the Indian Zones to represent the National level programs and National executive members, they will take own decision to develop the church development with consult the superior bishop.