In 1996 the Patriarch came in to Pastoral service joined as assistant pastor in a local Lutheran church, after two years he came to Repalle, he delivered many sermons  in local churches including all creeds, he has grown rapidly as Pastor, Rev. and bishop as per the Episcopal creed, as a Bishop he done the pastoral survey  upon the faiths of local churches, he wondered about their non theological Preaches and suffering with  illiteracy, he conducted many  training activities  to rectify it by sponsored programs, but the Pastoral Jealous was dominated every where,  he notice the polluted culture of under Christian culture filled with wrong beliefs, wrong teachings, evil targeted worships, commercialized programs, brokerage missionary activities, even mainline churches also facing the same trouble in addition to that land sales, court cases, elections mis managements, pastoral crimes, pastoral murders, laymen dominations, pastoral dominations,  communal local churches forming, caste wise pastoral services etc., totally corrupted, Finally he came to decision, we can’t stop this polluted society, he done  the research upon to form the new culture with answerable to the believers and members, after two years he came to form the episcopal church, he shared his view with his pastoral friends, some of the friends came to support him, he established ‘Blood of Christ Episcopal Church’ as a wing of ‘Christ New Testament Ministry’, Regd. No. 148/2008, as an Arch Bishop he converted into a Public Charitable Trust in 2017.