The Blood of Christ Episcopal Church shall have  the Synods on creed based, local churches faiths counted as synods to protect their faiths and to encourage the deep involvement in gospel and church  work,  the church promote the federal system, the church will not open new local congregations at present membership congregations is encouraging to show the national level growth, the church is going to affiliate with the international episcopal churches to develop the Indian local churches as per their creeds, this type of  opportunities is offered to who accepted our Aims and Objectives of the church and Trust, at present the church running  the following synods as

  1. Blood of Christ Episcopal Diocese
  2. Blood of Christ Lutheran Diocese
  3. Blood of Christ Presbyterian Diocese
  4. Blood of Christ Apostolic Diocese
  5. Blood of Christ Baptist Diocese
  6. Blood of Christ Fellowships Diocese
  7. Blood of Christ Missionaries Diocese
  8. Blood of Christ Independents Diocese