What we believe

The Bible: The books of the Old and New Testaments of New King James Version  translated version  considered to use in daily prayers and church services, we believe the book will lead the believer to Know the knowledge of salvation and the teachings of Jesus Christ who altered the Old testament as New on the Mount sermon. The House of bishops will upgrade the trend and signals of the second coming Of Jesus as written in Revelation.

As per the Bible note our Patriarch is  risen as per the tradition of Melchisedak law, the Patriarch’s fore fathers were not ordained, he himself committed to do the pastoral service to regulate the unorganized local churches and he introduced the federal structure in ‘Blood of Christ Episcopal Church’  as per the International policies altered in to the Indian tradition, this is the first attempt in India, No God father to do this type of work, no Mother creed to support or encourage or promote his work, he himself he came to pray for the welfare of the believers, clergy as a Priest and he has physical Father and mother, both were in heaven at that time of he founded, he is the king to rule the ‘Blood of Christ Episcopal Church’ membership congregations of 3000 in all over India.