World Leadership Priesthood

As per the Moses law  the  Chief Priest was the authorized to pray for the people but Jesus Christ called as Chief Priest with out any clergy genealogical order , in Hebrew Chapter  7 explains about this topic Jesus counted as Chief Priest as per the Melchizedek Clergy order, so, many canonical laws was written as per the creeds, our questions is,  who is the authorized to pray as Chief Priest in place of Jesus ? Jesus is doing like that in the heaven but in the earth one clergyman need, some denominational leaders are arguing no clergy after Jesus, root less worships started in the name of Holy Spirit, who is the Church Officers to protect the believers issues ?, In India ,Administrative leader is Prime Minister and constitutional protect leader is the ‘President of India’, we know our constitutional protection  leader is Jesus but who is our Administrative leader in the Earth ?, he must lead His people in system as Jesus.